Our Community

The Access Bike community can be summarised in two groups:

Our Volunteers and Our Wider Family

Our Volunteers are an incredible bunch. From just a few friends hanging out fixing bikes we have grown to having days when more than 30 people have stuck their heads in to help out. These people come from all sorts of backgrounds, are all ages, have their own stories and have bike skills ranging from none to extreme, but the most amazing thing everyone brings is their attitude. The workshop is a place of inclusivity and acceptance, and everyone who volunteers with us buys into this ethos. We help each other learn, we ride together on the weekends and we'll never exclude or isolate someone. 

When you volunteer with Access Bike you become part of our growing family and we would love to have you!

Our Wider Family are those people and organisations that have supported us, worked with us and helped us becoming the Access Bike you're seeing here. From our mother organisation Creative Sustainabilty, and all their amazing projects, to those who have supported us financially  and found their way onto our supporters tree, Stroud is full of awesome people doing awesome things! 

We've run sessions for youth groups, brought our bicycle smoothie stand to local events, run workshops and much more! If you think there is a way we can work with you we'd love to hear about it, check out the contact us page, let us know what you are thinking and I'm sure we'd love to help!

Weekend Events!

Weekend Events!

Our community is forever growing. When we started the project it was just a few friends hanging out fixing bikes and now, into our second year, we have a core team of awesome people that are happy to help anyone with their bicycle problems. 

At times over the summer we have had over 30 individuals visit the workshop in a single afternoon. This is awesome to see, with 6+ different bikes on the go, with teams of 3 or 4 different people all teaming up to solve bike tech problems for each other. Access Bike has become a hub for local cyclists to pop in and join in. Many local cyclists come in to pick up affordable second hand bike parts and often stay behind to help out and share a cuppa or a spanner. The project gets support from Fairshare, a food sharing organisation that has hooked up up with Tesco's excess food. Awesome huh! This means we can provide a range of snacks and nibbles for our volunteers to have while in the workshop. So pop in at lunchtime and you might get lucky! 

New for 2018 we will be running monthly weekend events for the wider community. That means you guys too!

While most of our work revolves around the workshop, we understand that lots of people who would love to get involved aren't free throughout the week and so this is a chance for them to come along, meet the team and join in!

Events will range from group rides to upcycling workshops, movie nights to bike sales and much more! Currently the plan is to do one event every other month which we'll advertise through our Facebook and Instagram accounts. So keep those eyes peeled and we look forward to having you along for the ride!


Wanna read more stuff ? woah, thanks...

But beyond that, the people who make up the Access Bike family are not just those who come down to the workshop, or even those who love bikes, but all the amazing people and groups we work with all around

Stroud and beyond! 
We hope to see you soon and welcome you into our community!