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Our Privacy and Data Policy

Access Bike is a Creative Sustainability project. Creative Sustainability is a not-for profit community interest company working with communities across Gloucestershire. Company No. 7407799.

​To do our work we need to have some information about you.


We keep information about these things:

  • Your name and address and when you were born.

  • How we can get in touch with you, things like your phone number and email.

  • We might keep information about your health.

  • Who we can contact if there is an emergency and other people who support you. This could be your doctor or other people.

  • The things you need help with if you have a disability.

  • A photograph of you.


How we get your information and why we have it.


We get most of our information from you. We have your information to help us do our work.

  • So we can get in touch with you.

  • So we can tell someone if there is an emergency and get help.

  • So we can give you the right support.

  • So we can tell other people about our work.


Sometimes we get information about you from other people when they let us know you would like some support. They always ask you if this is OK. This is called consent.

Sometimes we share your information with other people but only if you say it OK.


We will always ask you if it is OK for us to keep information about you. We keep your information so we can keep you safe. This is the law. We keep your information safe. If we stop working with you we will not keep your information.


All About Me

  • You can ask to see the information we have about you.

  • You can tell us to change your information if it is wrong.

  • You can tell us you don’t want us to keep your information any more. You can tell us how you would like us to use your information.

  • You can ask us to give your information to another organisation or to you.


If you ask us to do any of these things we will have 1 month to get back to you. You can get in touch using the address below.

How to get in touch


Creative Sustainability CIC

Unit 7 Fromehall Mill,

Lodgemore Lane,



07734 086879

Anna Bonallack


If you want to complain about how we have used your information


You can contact: The Information Commissioner. Information Commissioner’s Office Wycliffe House Water Lane Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 5AF Helpline number: 0303 123 1113

More information about Creative Sustainability is available on our website:

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