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What We Do

The Community

The Access Bike Project is bigger than just refurbishing bikes, its the family of volunteers and the events and adventures we have that make it really special! 

From smoothies making at Chalfest to charity rides to Paris and our ongoing Mini-Bike adventures, we are always thinking of new ways to inspire ourselves and others to get out on their bikes! Throughout 2018 we are going to be hosting at least one community day a month, be it an organised ride, film night or trip to the bike park, click below to learn more!


Sadly some of the bike we are donated aren't worth repairing, but we don't let anything go to waste at The Access Bike Project!


Whether its making old tires into sick new belts or crafting bespoke chandeliers from wheel rims and spokes, the possibilities for bicycle part upcycling are only bound by our creativity. Learn more by clicking below or head to the shop where you can see our volunteers finished products. Any profits are split between supporting the project and giving a generous cut to the volunteer maker!

The Workshop

The Workshop is the heart and soul of the project. This is where we renovate the donated bikes, run mentoring sessions, learn to upcycle and eat an incredible amount of doughnuts, croissants and hummus!


Based at Fromehall Mill by the canal we are open every: Tuesday and Thursday from 2-6pm! (we prefer people to book for the Tuesday sessions, Thursday you can just drop-in)

Anyone and everyone is welcome in the workshop whether you want to: buy a bike, mend/build your own or even just to share some food and relax!


One of the things we are most proud of at Access Bike is our work with disabled and vulnerable young adult volunteers. These guys absolutely light up the workshop every week and very quickly become part of the family!

Through learning bike mechanics, socialising and working to achieve their own goals we encourage them to recognise where their passions lie and to pursue them.  If you know a young person who you think would like to work with us, click the link below, find out more and get in contact!

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