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The world of bike riding has changed massively over the last few decades, from a time when road racing was the undisputed king to the incredible variety of events and disciplines we have today. Downhill mountain biking, BMX, stunt riding and a hundred other ways to be awesome on two wheels are everywhere and Access Bike is no exception.

Alfie, our founder (his story), was himself a semi-pro stunt rider competing in competitions across Europe and always keen to share his skills. Other volunteers prefer BMX, some love old vintage road bikes but everyone understands that biking is about finding your passion and supporting others to find theirs! 

This page shows off everything we've been doing as a project to promote biking and grow the Access Bike family!
As such, check out our Events, Videos or Gallery below!

Our Event Timeline




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If you want to follow along with our adventures - check out our Events, Videos or Gallery below!

Alternatively, you can always find us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

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