The Workshop

Opening Times - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 12-6pm

A Breif History

The Access Bike Project did some amazing things in its first couple years and we helped more than a hundred secondary school teens in the area get themselves a bike, with the complete package: lights, lock and a helmet! But before long, the project outgrew its space and also showed a few hiccups, not all the kids we were helping could afford to get their bikes fixed and most didn’t know how to look after them. So we decided we wanted to teach kids to fix bikes themselves and provide a safe, inclusive space where they can have a go using the bike tools and fixing their own bikes. Before long, the Access Bike Workshop was born! 

This has become a space where anyone can drop in and learn all things bike. Volunteers will get full access to all our tools and the chance to work alongside a diverse array of people to develop all kinds of bike tech and social skills. Its all about building up everyone's confidence and raising expectations! 

Come on down, you can...

Does your bike need some love? Come down, we're happy to help!


Volunteer With Us!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Access Bike, without them we just wouldn't be able to do the work we do. They refurbish bikes, mentor their peers, organise awesome events, get creative with upcycling and make incredible cheese toasties!

As a little family we come in all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds, and we believe it is these differences that make us so effective and fun as a team. We will always encourage you to get everything you can out of your time at Access Bike and can promise you you'll never be bored!

On top of that, check out the video below to see how your time in the shop can earn you a bike and more!

Wonky wheels? Squeaky Brakes?


Every bike needs love, no matter whether you ride it once a year or twice a day bikes, a bit like children, will demand your attention and if not given, will throw a tantrum of squeaky brakes, slipping gears and general annoyance! But never fear,

we are here to help! 

The workshop is open to anyone looking to come in and repair their bike, we'll even teach you how! If you need new parts we will need to ask for a small donation or, as the video above explains, for you to come and volunteer with us for a while to earn back the cost of the parts. Want to find us? Click here!

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Unit 2A,

Fromehall Mill,

Stroud, GL5 3EH ​

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Workshop open, staffed and free for everyone to use!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

12:00 - 6:00 PM

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