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Mini-Bike Missions

Want to see adults racing around on single speed, suped-up, breathtakingly tiny kids bikes? Well, you've come to the right place!

Mini-Bike Missions are exactly what they sound like - so dive in and check out the mayhem!

Episode 2

Bigger and better than before, here come race numero 2!! We've got drones, we've got a huge field of competitors and we can only have one winner - take a look and see how all the action unfolded!

Check out our other videos on youtube: 


Episode 1

The 1st ever mission! The bikes were built and our 3 intrepid volunteers: Noah, Kamil and Ralph set off to get themselves some grub - not that everything went to plan of course!


Check the boy's stories out here:

Noah      Kamil    Ralph

Keep those eye's peeled! More coming very soon...

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