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Practical Skills



We are just a bunch of friends making cool stuff out of old stuff :)

When its not Bikes, we are making all sorts of great stuff. Some of them you can spy in our online shop but we are forever making and tinkering with new ideas and exciting new things to build, reshape and
re-create. Most of our workshop is made from reclaimed, donated and re constructed materials. This is super exciting about the project. It is not a business that has been meticulously planned, structured or designed. We are just a bunch of friends making cool stuff out of old stuff and want to make it an inclusive as possible and make anybody feel welcome to join in.

'Click on a picture' to find out more about what we have made so far!

With help from Strouds
Jack everett..

We made our first Chandelier as a group workshop with help from Stroud's Jack Everett of Low Impact Design. He taught the team some vital making skills and we all threw in some wild ideas. Before long, the team made our first model. But It wasn’t right, and looked more like a Christmas tree than a chandelier! As you can imagine we booked in another date and had another bash at it! This time we made a beautiful piece of art and the story began..

After more designing, making, fixing and breaking, we have come up with a range of Bespoke Chandeliers . We were blown away with what we have achieved! 
<-- Here are a few! 


A new design creeps in to the collective every couple months. The newest is a real gem from then, 15yr old Ralph Armond. He worked really hard to come up with this final piece and his achievement has been astonishing.

Check it out below! 

Ralph's dedication and creativity have been really inspiring, with one of our most loved designs being his. As such, we are supporting him to set up his own micro-business with the Access Bike project to sell the chandeliers. He will take responsibility for this, with help from the team, and will be rewarded hopefully both financially and with heaps of experience. We are super excited about helping him create this vision for the chandeliers and if you want to know more/how to go about getting your hands on ones of these beauty's, follow to link to check out his shop! 

Ralphs Designs

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