Tire Belts

Rubber is so hard to recycle! But we have come up with a way. These belts are made from used ( and cleaned) bicycle tyres! They are super durable and really cool. They are also really protective for someone who’s always falling off the bike and hitting their hips! Equally, anyone who is up for the challenge is welcome to come into the workshop and learn to make them, and then once you've mastered the skills, you can sell them on here!


Here’s a few some of our team have made already. Choose one and support our project!

Baby Blue

Price: £15

Size: 32" - 42"

Volunteer: Kamil

Gnarly red

Price: £15

Size: 35" - 45"

Volunteer: Kamil

Stripy Orange

Price: £15

Size: 32" - 38"

Volunteer: Jamie

Suit and Tie

Price: £15

Size: 33" - 42"

Volunteer: Jamie

Big Buckle

Price: £15

Size: 30" - 37"

Volunteer: Alfie

Road Ready

Price: £15

Size: 31" - 40"

Volunteer: Jamie

We've got new belts being made all the time! If you want to see the full collection pop on down to the workshop, or if you've got the time we can always teach you to make your own!




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