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Alfie 'Stuntman' Stephens

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Build it. 
Ride it!

Alfie Stephens building his Custom Yellow Dartmoor Cody at Slam69 Bike Shop and shreddin' it in the 417 Project Dirt Jump field.

The alfie Stephens Story

Alfie Stephens is back on the road, heading off to The First Dirt Wars UK event of the year. The boys, Joe Aldridge, Peter Crocket & Alfie stop of at the local bike shop slam69, head to their favourite dirt jump spot, Holdshott Trails, sleep out in the sticks and then compete at Chicksands Bikepark.

The alfie Stephens Story

Off to Barcelona for Happy Ride Festival, riding dirt jumps and a podium in his first Dual Speed & Style event, Alfie is putting his injury behind him and getting wild on his bike again! He then takes us to ride his favourite UK trail spot and a killer Jam at Freddy Pulmans trick jump!

The alfie Stephens Story PT 1

Alfie Stephens was on his way to becoming a killer contendent on the FMB world tour circuit, with 3rd place in the UK series in 2015, he starting making moves onto bigger events around Europe. After a few epic trips, competing against the top dogs, he suffered a huge set back, a broken leg! This injury has brought him back a step and has thrown a real spanner in the works. Watch this video to get a real life sense of his frustration, dreams, and efforts to get back on his bike!

Alfie Stephens at Holdshott - 2015

One of my favourite edits!

Short and sweet, shot by Ryan Nangle at Holdshott Trails


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2014 BCN British Takeover

1 city, 3 spots, 9 days, 17 riders + lots of good times! In 2014 we went to dirt jump paradise La Poma Bikepark in Barcelona!

Filmed by RideMoreStudios


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2015 Dirt Wars UK Round 5 Holdshott

3rd Place at Dirt Wars round 5 in 2015!


Best result ever!


Shot by Ryan Nangle


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This is Redhill. Awesome spot to ride where I learnt almost everything. How to race, ride and get rowdyyy.

Credit to Alexander Allen!

More about Redhill here:

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