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Ralph's Chandeliers

Made from recycled bicycle wheel rims, spokes, hubs and assorted other beautiful bike parts, the chandeliers are a fantastic example of how creativity can turn waste into art! Developed as part of Access Bike's push to recycle, it was one of our volunteers and friends, 16 year old Ralph Armond, that really grabbed the idea and ran with it.

He developed a load of new designs, streamlined the making process and discovered new techniques for shaping and improving the chandelier's structure. This dedication and enthusiasm has impressed us so much that we decided to hand over the project to him as a micro-business, and so welcome to Ralph's Chandelier store, we hope you are inspired!

All chandeliers are made to order on a personal and bespoke basis, as such if you are interested in any of the models below, click on the picture to find out more and use the button to get in contact to discuss the next steps! 

And this is the result, his very own store!

The Cupcake

The turnip

The Flying Saucer

The Belle

While these are the only designs we are currently producing, the specific dimensions can always be tweaked to accommodate your space. If this is something you would like, please include this information in the email of enquiry, and we will do everything we can to help it become a reality!

Cable Options

Bulb options

While both wiring and bulb choices can be explored further, these are our go-to choices. 

Mouse over the bulbs to see them lit!

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