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Bits, Bobs and Nubbins

Not every bike we are donated can be saved, try as we might there are always some that are just too old or rusty to be worth refurbishing. But never fear, no working component will ever go to waste as Access Bike - if we are breaking down a bike you can be sure we're saving what we can. As such, we have built ourselves quite an amazing treasure trove of bits, bobs and especially nubbins! 

As an open workshop we are always encouraging people to come down, use the space and both share and learn new skills. This is where our treasures come in - if you need a new derailleur, a new saddle or even a sweet retro bell please come on down, see if we've got what you want and snag it before someone else does. In return we do swaps or donations of time or money, its you're choice and we're always happy to work around something that works for everyone! 

Take a peek inside the treasure trove!

Brake Calipers

After something specific and can't make it down to the workshop?

Feel free to contact us and ask - we'll do our best to find it and let you know!

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