"You can't buy happiness but you can buy a bike and that's pretty close!"

We fundamentally believe in the joy of riding. Be it your first bike or your hundredth, all riders share the joy of pounding the peddles and flying on two wheels. Nowadays bikes come in all shapes and sizes from trick-sized BMXs to full framed road racers and even funky folding bikes. Pick a category below and check out the beauties we've got for sale!


All our bikes have been restored by volunteers from the generous donations we receive and are being sold as cheap as possible to make sure everyone can afford a truly quality bike. But remember, if you are over 13 and would rather build your own bike for free down at the workshop click here to find out how!

20" and Smaller!


Normally your first bike, these are perfect for learning to ride, building your confidence and, luckily with the awesome bikes we have for sale, looking like the coolest kid on the canal path!

Common features:

Single Speed


Cool Designs

Ages: 4 - 7 years!

BMX, Shoppers and Folders

Not a group that usually go together, these unique uses for 20" wheels are when little wheels get really exciting! Whether it's being folded into the back of your van, scooted around the shops or bounced around the skate park, if you're looking for big fun in a small package - this is the place!

Common features:

Single Speed


Not much, they're a pretty eclectic bunch...


This is when riding really gets fun! These bikes will often be what you'll remember as your first real bike - so you better make it a goodun!

This size bike is hard to come by becuase people love them so much, we have such a quick turnover of these bikes its hard to update them here because they are normally gone aleady! If you know someone who has a 24'' bike they no longer need, get them to bring it down and we will happily fix it up and re-home it. Thanks! 

Common features:

Basic Gears


Increasing Street Cred!

Ages: 7 - 14


Time for the adults, 26" is when you know you are either a grown up or well on your way to out growing your parents ability to feed you! If you're looking for a mountain bike, canal side roller or a bike for just popping out on this is probably where to start your search!

Common features:

Front and Rear Gears

Pretty much just bikes... This is the most common size of adult bike across a range of types.


The biggest common wheel size out there 700"s are your road bikes, top end mountain bikes and old school vintage beauties! If you're looking for the smoothest ride you can get, the bigger the wheel the better and there isn't much bigger than these beauties - check them out!

Common features:

Lots of Gears 

Full Size Adult Bikes

Smooth Riding

Bike Frames

We get donations in all shapes and sizes: sometimes just a wheel, sometimes a box of beautiful shiny carbon bits and even sometimes a frame so pretty we just want someone to take it and make something beautiful! If you're looking for a project, or some odd bits, this is the place to start!





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